A dry channel through which water flows intermittently and irregularly. Kind of like this blog.

My art is an infectious need for me, sometimes a burden but most often a blessing.

This blog is about me and my obsessions, my loves, my need to create and my need of JUNK. I'm addicted to thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets and all roads leading off the beaten track to discover that perfect piece of junk. I recycle old license plates, old shovels, wheelbarrows, saw blades and anything else that's funky using my hand held plasma cutter. I love working with steel, sculpting, photography, watercolor painting, stained glass, and turning everyday utilitarian objects into art. Junked cars ~ I will always veer off the path to search out the beautiful wrecked Arroyo JunKers throughout Arizona, New Mexico and anywhere else the road may lead. When I'm not searching for those JunKers

Monday, July 30, 2012

Outer Peace begins with Inner Peace

I believe that Outer Peace
begins with Inner Peace
and what gives me Inner Peace is working on Metal, or really anything that I can be creative with. 
I'm usually not one that jumps on different bandwagons for the latest cause nor do I have a tendency to follow the actions or beliefs of others.  I've always followed what pulls at my heart strings.  However, with a cause such as PEACE and the opportunity to join with friends I've made in this wonderful blogging community that have participated in this wonderful celebration before,  I decided to jump on this bandwagon of kindred spirits that are creating Flags of Peace, which will be flown on
International Peace Day, September 21.  
My inspiration was a recent road trip we took through the backroads of our beautiful Arizona desert and I fashioned these after the beautiful paper fiesta flags that hang on many occasion where I grew up.  I've always loved the intricate nature of these paper flags and the many colors they come in.  So, I have created each flag with those images in mind.  Each flag measures about 9x13 and is hand cut from a piece of steel using my hand held plasma cutter.  I envisioned all the beautiful Cactus plants, Roadrunners, Javelina, Saguaro's, and various other animals that live in our beautiful Arizona desert and with the center being the symbol of PEACE.

If you wish to contribute to this wonderful group
Please feel free to join the
Peace Flag Project
where you can find all the info.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Treasure was the Journey

What a beautiful weekend it was - storms clouds, rain, sun and the beautiful Sonoran Desert!  For those of you who have never experienced the Southwest and the High Desert I'll show you why so many love this beautiful state of Arizona.... 

We headed out to our property in the High Desert to gather GOLD..... 
well ok I may have just exaggerated just a bit... it was to get some old barbed wire that has been on our property for more years than I could possible guess  - rolled about 300 feet - mission accomplished. Guess I'll have plenty more when I need it... maybe 2000+ more feet to go!

We love this property and it's beauty, open space, story book clouds and wonderful history. We had plans when we bought this land to build our dream home with the rich history that surrounded us especially our "little Hill".  In the early 1870's a one armed U.S. Army general met with Cochise, a famous Apache chief, in an area on the eastern side of the Dragoon Mountains known as "Council Rocks'.  In this half mile wide bowl, surrounded by tall balancing boulders, the general and Cochise made a treaty regarding a reservation for the Apaches.  As the General and his small Army detachment left the meeting and headed back to their fort, Cochise had a large white flag erected on top of "Treaty Hill".  It could be seen for up to a hundred miles in most directions and notified his small bands of warriors about his success with the treaty.... and to not attack the solder on their way home.

This is our view of "Treaty Hill" from our beautiful 40 acres of property we were going to build on.... sadly we are not going to see that dream come true.  The housing market has not made it a wise choice anymore.
 but ever time I go back there it pull's at my heart strings.   Who knows if we can't sell it, we just may make up our minds!

So after our little "treasure hunt" we decided to just CRUZ..... and so we did.  The desert seemed to be more beautiful than ever especially after the Monsoon rains cleansed and nourished it. So follow me and I'll take you on a little CRUZ thru this beautiful Desert.......

Majestic Saguaro - they stand like guards in the desert

 Prickly Pear Cactus 
Makes wonderful Jelly (just make sure you get all the thorns out first!)

 We encountered Desert Creatures - Oh My!
Desert Spiny Lizard

 Almost ran over this guy - Gopher Snake

 Bird of Paradise (even though it's a flower)

 Roadrunner Nesting

 Rock Formations

Ocotillo - in full bloom

Mesquite Tree Grove

Met an old Indian Squaw - been shot thru the chest....
my friends all I can say is 
The Wild Wild West... It Ain't for Sissies!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Junker's Junk Crosses

Finished up a couple more crosses with found materials.
This first one was comprised of 
very old barbed wire
 forged leaves of steel
beautiful old Cactus spine
 wine barrel slate

driftwood I found on our last trip to Sea Ranch
whimsical door knob

That's it for week my friends.
Headed off on Friday to the Dragoons from some treasure hunting!  I can't wait.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Junker's Junk Repurposed

Everywhere I go ...... EVERYWHERE.... I tend to bring home JUNK.  I travel far and wide just to gather JUNK if I know it's just sitting there.  A few weeks ago on our trip up to the cool pines I hauled home a bunch of beautiful old painted boards that our friends where gonna just throw away.

THROW AWAY!!!  WHAT!!!!   
 They came out of a 50 year old cabin and they were beautiful
I knew what they would be the moment I saw them.
Remember these
I left the old paint just the way it was on the boards.  So much character and rustic charm.
I had some old eqipale furniture slates on this one.
 This was an old Logging chain I grabbed for a song and a dance at an old lumber mill.  It's so cool & heavy!
and remember those old railroad numbers I scouted on the train track in NM.
Used an old oak wine barrel that I took apart.  It has a perfect curve in it and an awesome barn wood patina.
 I'm still thinking about this one. The metal flowers might be a bit busy, however I love the old bottle that I attached..... what do you think?

Oh Yeah that gorgeous Pashmina in the background..... $2.99 at goodwill!

Next weekend we are headed out on another Road Trip to our property in the Dragoon Mountains south of Tucson to scout some more junk.  My husband spotted something up in Cochises Stronghold area that I can't leave behind.... if he can still remember how to get there.

Can you guess what I'll be coming home with? Here's a clue....
It's all over the Property

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4th Get Away

Nobody had to ask me twice to go on a road trip for the holiday weekend up to the cool country in Pinetop-Lakeside, where the breeze was blowing, the clouds were thick and the rain was lightly washing the landscape.  The heat just won't let up down here in the Valley of the Sun so getting up to the cool country is such a welcome relief.  

We drove thru Globe and there is always something crazy to see
 Like a wheelbarrow waterfall - I could totally rock this but with a few more holes in them!
and this great tin can roof

Then up through the Salt River Canyon with it's majestic beauty and seriously winding roads

We went on a hike one day and what to my wondering eye should appear but many sleighs and no reindeer...my favorite subject "Arroyo Junkers" out in the forest of all places.  They must of known I was coming and in need of new subjects.   Oh thank you my JUNK GOD!

I hope you all had a great July 4th!!

Takin' the back road from Greer to Morenci was gorgeous. This was waiting at the end.

Takin' the back road from Greer to Morenci was gorgeous.  This was waiting at the end.
Alpine Cliff Jumper

Don't you just love bugs! My first car.... but RED.

Don't you just love bugs!  My first car.... but RED.
Lamy, NM

This was a great old Studebaker Truck in Lamy, NM . It has seen better days. I love Lamy,

This was a great old Studebaker Truck in Lamy, NM .  It has seen better days.  I love Lamy,
Studebaker in Lamy, NM