A dry channel through which water flows intermittently and irregularly. Kind of like this blog.

My art is an infectious need for me, sometimes a burden but most often a blessing.

This blog is about me and my obsessions, my loves, my need to create and my need of JUNK. I'm addicted to thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets and all roads leading off the beaten track to discover that perfect piece of junk. I recycle old license plates, old shovels, wheelbarrows, saw blades and anything else that's funky using my hand held plasma cutter. I love working with steel, sculpting, photography, watercolor painting, stained glass, and turning everyday utilitarian objects into art. Junked cars ~ I will always veer off the path to search out the beautiful wrecked Arroyo JunKers throughout Arizona, New Mexico and anywhere else the road may lead. When I'm not searching for those JunKers

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ive Been Invaded by Flying Insects

This morning I had to take a bit of a break and just make something for no reason.  I do that a lot.  I had a bunch of flowers I cut out awhile back and never put them to use....so I threw together a  plant for "someones" garden just for fun.  I'm usually working on at least three different mediums of art at a time.  I get stale if I just stick to one thing too long.  Guess that's why I'll never Mass Produce anything - I would go bonkers. 
Hopefully you're not tired of seeing these winged creatures that I've been working on for my upcoming show, but I think I've finally got enough complete.  If not, Oh Well.  I'm really enjoying the dragonflies.  I scoured the shed for old pieces of metal junk to recycle.  Some legs are made with barbed wire and the tails have old tools, old drill bits, rebar ~ whatever looks fun.  I dug up an old electric line that I found out in the forest - it finally was put to use. 
Then I had to play with "Picasa" and manipulate some of my photo's of the butterflies.  I love that program.  So Easy and Fast.  If you haven't tried it.... You Should!

Then I had to give the Dog's a bath!  Seriously.... this is not an altered photo.  He was shakin' his head and I had it on high speed and WooHoo.... cool picture!
Now... Unfortunately, I have to go figure out what's for Dinner

Monday, September 26, 2011

Never regret anything that made you smile

Mountain Air, New Mexico

 Green Chile BLT on Green Chile Cornbread
 Red Chile Burro
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Be Still My Heart

As many of you Junkers and Rust Lovers can relate when you're on the prowl for your rusty junk fix you know your heart skips a few beats, you breath a little faster and your eyes are all over the place waiting to land on a found treasure..... well on our recent trip to Santa Fe, my hubby and I decided to walk the railroad track which is really close to my Dad's house and ...
What Did We Find - You Ask??? 
OH YEAH... These beauties!!!
Be Still My Heart
These of course (if you didn't know) are railroad nails.  The numbers indicate the Year they were pounded into the railroad ties.  Seem they just throw them to the side on old broken up ties and some are just laying around.  I'm gonna have to sit and marinade on what I will use these on.  They're so gorgeous I'm gonna have to just look at them a while.  We also found quite a few railroad spikes and of course I'm putting them to good use in my new creations......
 Found these wonderful vintage auger drill bits.   Makes a mighty fine tail... if you ask me.  The butterflies are multiplying also.  I can hardly get thru the backyard.  There doing a good job of rusting naturally.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


SunDust Arts and Craft Festival
November 19/20, 2011
SunDust Gallery is proud to announce the 1st annual SunDust Arts and Crafts Festival to be held the weekend of November 19/20, 2011. The festival will be held in historic downtown Mesa, converting Main Street into a sea of tents, music, and artsy activities. The festival is expected to draw a showcase of local artists and thousands of visitors. The focus of the festival will be on you, the local Arizona artist. Kid
Mark your calendars, get your application in early to avoid the possibility of being left out of this new festival. If your an Arizona artist or crafts person - this event is for you.
TentsThe festival is located in the heart of the historic district of downtown Mesa, which features wide sidewalks, turn of the century architecture, a variety of popular restaurants and bistros, dozens of sidewalk sculptures, a small town ambiance nestled in a bustling metropolis. This popular area is also home to the world famous Mesa Art Center, the Arizona Museum for Youth, and the Arizona Museum of Natural History.

No Late Registration Fee - Low 2 Day Event Fee

For applications please go to 

SunDust Gallery
48 West Main Street #100
Mesa, AZ 85201

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


That was the chant repeated by all for the 87th burning of ZoZoBra that thrilled crowds in Santa Fe last Thursday.  Fun was had by all.  Old Mr. Gloom was almost 50 ft tall and 1500lbs, but it went down fast when the fire dancers finally lit him up.  I had hoped to video tape it, but my camera died even before it was over (nothing more upsetting than losing some of the best shots to a dead battery).

We had a great 10 days visiting family, buying fun things, eating, eating, eating (especially the green chile!) and relaxing with family & friends.  Now it's back to work and getting on track with getting ready for the October Show. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ranchito De Cuervo

" Little Ranch of the Crow "
This is the name of my Mom's "Little Ranch".  There are no cows, no horses, no pigs.....  just CROWS and Iris.  Although, there was a Black Bear with her cubs that decided to tear down all the hummbingbird feeders and drink the sweet nectar last week.  Due to the terrible Fire up towards Los Alamos lots of animal are headed down the mountain in search of food.  Bears are not at all something you see in her backyard.

Anyway, It's Mom's Birthday, (posting this a little after the fact so she can't see her present) so we headed to New Mexico to celebrate another year and of course for the ZoZoBra celebration (pics to come later).  I thought she should have a little gift that represents her 'Little Ranch" with all it's crows and of course all the beautiful Iris that she grows. 

Happy Birthday, Mom ~ I Love You!!!
The sign measures about 19"x24"
There's Mom in her old Jalope!

Takin' the back road from Greer to Morenci was gorgeous. This was waiting at the end.

Takin' the back road from Greer to Morenci was gorgeous.  This was waiting at the end.
Alpine Cliff Jumper

Don't you just love bugs! My first car.... but RED.

Don't you just love bugs!  My first car.... but RED.
Lamy, NM

This was a great old Studebaker Truck in Lamy, NM . It has seen better days. I love Lamy,

This was a great old Studebaker Truck in Lamy, NM .  It has seen better days.  I love Lamy,
Studebaker in Lamy, NM