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This blog is about me and my obsessions, my loves, my need to create and my need of JUNK. I'm addicted to thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets and all roads leading off the beaten track to discover that perfect piece of junk. I recycle old license plates, old shovels, wheelbarrows, saw blades and anything else that's funky using my hand held plasma cutter. I love working with steel, sculpting, photography, watercolor painting, stained glass, and turning everyday utilitarian objects into art. Junked cars ~ I will always veer off the path to search out the beautiful wrecked Arroyo JunKers throughout Arizona, New Mexico and anywhere else the road may lead. When I'm not searching for those JunKers

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's SHOVEL Time

Getting ready for my annual show at the Botanical Gardens is always a blessing and a battle.  It comes during the hottest time ~ or rather I need to be working thru the summer in the heat to prepare for it.  It's been difficult getting motivated to really get in gear with our high temps this year.  I dream up tons of ideas and fill my "little book" with them and then I just feel overwhelmed and do nothing.  Does your mind ever get so muddy that you are just stagnate??  I feel pulled in many different directions lately and none of them the direction I need to go.  

I've been putting off doing my shovels for way too long and now with my show only a couple weeks away, the realization of just how very few shovels I have finally registered - these were what started my journey down this ART road six years ago ~ they are kinda my signature show piece so I couldn't show up without any so, here's a few I've carved out.  Still gotta cut and weld leaves and vines and attach.

I had to laugh at this one and it will go in the junk pile of Mistakes.
This is what happens when your not in the mood and feeling very unmotivated!
Basically...... it's a hot mess!  :)

As an experiment I cut out a few little vegetable plant markers.  Don't know how they'll do and really didn't do a lot, but I thought for those that have a little veggie garden they'd be fun.  What do you think?  Are they worth doing?  They haven't rusted yet and would certainly be better rusty...plus these are kinda hard to see.  There's a Tomato, onion, bell pepper, carrot, green bean & radish.


bohemiannie! art said...

Oh yes. I think the veggie markers are awesome...and the shovels...even the so-called mistake are exquisite.

stregata said...

I think you forgot to post the photo of the mistake - I can't find it... :)
The veggie markers will probably go like hotcakes.

Bohemian said...

Okay my Friend so WHEN will you be at the Gardens with your Fab Creations?!? I simply MUST get there to meet you and see your Work in person!!! I'll put the date on my Calendar... even if I have to have the whole G-Kid Force entourage in tow, I don't wanna miss it! *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian

Bohemian said...

BTW: I'd love to take a gander at your Junk Pile of alleged mistakes... because to me even the ones you don't think are up to par are Gorgeous!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Barry said...

SZQ - sometimes to us the task of creating more of what is one of our trademarks is such a drag - but to the first timers they are unique creations - even the ones we think are mistakes. As others have said the shovel aert pieces are great. And the veggie signs will be gorgeous once they have cured (rusted). Go well and sell well. B

Bohemian said...

Was at the Desert Botanical Gardens today with the Grand-Daughter since it was her 7th Birthday and that was her requested destination for our Girl's Birthday Bash Outing... after we went and previewed Sweet Salvage AGAIN... and I didn't lock up my Wallet... you were a Wise Gal! Hope to make it out to the Gardens again when you're having your Art Show! It was SOOOOO Hot today there that we practically had the place to ourselves... a better workout than the Gym though pushing the G-Kid around in one of those rented Stroller-Cars for the Kiddos! *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian

Takin' the back road from Greer to Morenci was gorgeous. This was waiting at the end.

Takin' the back road from Greer to Morenci was gorgeous.  This was waiting at the end.
Alpine Cliff Jumper

Don't you just love bugs! My first car.... but RED.

Don't you just love bugs!  My first car.... but RED.
Lamy, NM

This was a great old Studebaker Truck in Lamy, NM . It has seen better days. I love Lamy,

This was a great old Studebaker Truck in Lamy, NM .  It has seen better days.  I love Lamy,
Studebaker in Lamy, NM